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NFTs, good or bad for art?
In the beginning there were cats.
Posted 2022-05-05 #my-life #blockchain

My travel intentions
I would love to be on the road all the time meeting the designers and builders that craft the future we all see coming. This future is accountable, transparent, respectful of customers and increasingly built on concepts brought up by blockchain and NFTs.
Posted 2022-04-15 #my-life #blockchain

Monthly updates
Part of my own new year’s plan was to set a professional mission (inspired by Musk’s “Die on Mars”) and organize my time to getting towards that. Here’s the mission:
Posted 2022-04-01 #my-life

Ethics statement on buying NFTs
How can you tell if a blockchain enthusiast is shilling? Their lips are moving.
Posted 2022-03-23 #my-life #blockchain

The Perl script that rewrote Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four
I always dreamed of publishing my first book, a specific project, but it meant waiting for the 70th anniversary of George Orwell’s death.
Posted 2022-02-21 #programming #predictions

Randomization strategies for NFT drops
ℹ️ This article assumes a basic/intermediate understanding of game theory, blockchain transaction settlement, entropy (mathematics) and Solidity. However the conclusions and reasoning are usable to anybody evaluating risks with different NFT drop approaches.
Posted 2022-02-04 #blockchain

C++ STL set functions… and liquids that can write code
Are you badass with C++ STL? Then fix this…
Posted 2004-06-13 #coding

Bad phone sex (that used to be good)
Is it possible to ruin sex with a phone call, if the person who called you is the person you’re sleeping with?
Posted 2004-06-06 #my-life

The special ingredient for growing young trees
Kristin Quinlan: the tree to which you feed BEER was STOLEN from an ARBORETUM!? Kristin Quinlan: I legitimately purchased my tree, feed it water, and now it’s dying. Hmmmpppphhh.
Posted 2004-06-04 #my-life

10 weird things you can do on a couch
Ode to a couch
Posted 2004-06-04 #my-life

Riddle: answers to the coconut millionaire question
The last profile riddle:
Posted 2004-02-03 #riddles #my-life #funny