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How to fully spend AmEx gift cards on Amazon in 2024
Great news! You just got an American Express gift card!
Posted 2024-02-20 #how-to

Numerology for 1 to 10,000 things
Have you ever been staring at a list of things for sale. And they are serial numbered between 1 and 10,000, inclusive, and you wonder which one to buy?
Posted 2023-12-27 #how-to

How to connect Roku to Xfinity Wi-Fi
When you login to Xfinity Wi-Fi with a computer you need to login with a browser.
Posted 2023-12-18 #how-to

Open letter to American Airlines about also-known-as name policy
Here is an open letter to American Airlines about multiple system failures we found on a recent trip. I hope this letter is helpful, fun and… actionable! Please let’s work together to make flying better in the 21st century. I still have a lot of the world left to see!!!
Posted 2023-10-19 #my-life

IRS proposed regulation for crypto
The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has proposed regulations for how taxes and transaction reporting will apply to crypto and other digital assets.
Posted 2023-10-16 #blockchain

You can break into these dApp admin accounts today
Alternate title: how to properly implement logins with a public-key system
Posted 2023-09-13 #blockchain

What is the worst thing that could happen if I sign a bad message?
Did you ever quickly sign a message and not know what it was?
Posted 2023-08-13 #blockchain #security

RainbowMask, use random accounts to login to Web3
Introducing RainbowMask, login to any Web3 website without making an account
Posted 2023-07-11 #blockchain #dumb-business-ideas

The case for war against Canada
I trained a neural network using war-is-always-the-answer articles from Bill Kristol.
Posted 2023-06-29 #neural-networks

Which campaign is from a neural network?
In politics, the mechanics of winning relies on getting broad messages delivered in very specific ways to excite people enough to go vote.
Posted 2023-06-13 #neural-networks

The European Data Act and regulating calculator.exe
The European Data Act codifies requirements for smart contracts.
Posted 2023-05-31 #blockchain

Quasi fungible token and MiCA
This week, Europe passed legislation regulating markets for crypto tokens. This is the markets in crypto-assets (MiCA) regulation. There’s a few ways to read regulation:
Posted 2023-05-19 #blockchain

What is money, and how is Bitcoin/tokens different?
How well do you kow what money is? We will explore a few intuitive things that money is, break them down, and then see how Bitcoin and tokens on blockchain are so much different.
Posted 2023-05-15 #blockchain

Moon dust: auditable, versioned databases
Blockchain people have been to “the moon” and back down to Earth. We brought back moon dust.
Posted 2023-04-23 #blockchain

OpenSea cooperated transaction with SDN sanctioned entity
This article is a review of facts and is not an allegation of any crime.
Posted 2023-04-11 #nft

The future of web3 is centralization
And so was the past. A fairer title here would be “the future of digital-signature-based commerce (or ‘blockchain’) will still rely on custodians”. But we’re writing blog posts here, people, not dissertations!
Posted 2023-03-13 #blockchain

Why Plaid is a scam is a company that collects bank account logins and passwords to “verify” your login to other quasi-banking institutions. They are a service provider to other companies, and here is what it looks like:
Posted 2023-02-06 #scams

Add your friends to the SDN list with this one weird trick
There is humor in this article title, you do not want to add your friends to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list. This list is published by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and is used to enforce economic sanctions and other financial restrictions imposed by the United States government.
Posted 2023-01-28 #nft #zero-day

Does OpenSea Shared Storefront have a backdoor?
This project demonstrates how OpenSea administrators can take any tokens minted on the OpenSea Shared Storefront. This is a previously-undocumented backdoor.
Posted 2022-11-04 #nft

What kinds of things should be standardized?
A standard, in technical settings, is an established specification which allows any compliant thing to work with any compliant user of that thing, also known as cross-connect. It is a set of restrictions, or marketing claims, incumbent upon the standardized product.
Posted 2022-09-30 #coding

NFTs, good or bad for art?
In the beginning there were cats.
Posted 2022-05-05 #my-life #blockchain

My travel intentions
I would love to be on the road all the time meeting the designers and builders that craft the future we all see coming. This future is accountable, transparent, respectful of customers and increasingly built on concepts brought up by blockchain and NFTs.
Posted 2022-04-15 #my-life #blockchain

Monthly updates
Part of my own new year’s plan was to set a professional mission (inspired by Musk’s “Die on Mars”) and organize my time to getting towards that. Here’s the mission:
Posted 2022-04-01 #my-life

Ethics statement on buying NFTs
How can you tell if a blockchain enthusiast is shilling? Their lips are moving.
Posted 2022-03-23 #my-life #blockchain

The Perl script that rewrote Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four
I always dreamed of publishing my first book, a specific project, but it meant waiting for the 70th anniversary of George Orwell’s death.
Posted 2022-02-21 #programming #predictions

Randomization strategies for NFT drops
ℹ️ This article assumes a basic/intermediate understanding of game theory, blockchain transaction settlement, entropy (mathematics) and Solidity. However the conclusions and reasoning are usable to anybody evaluating risks with different NFT drop approaches.
Posted 2022-02-04 #blockchain

Token-Curated Registries, the Uses and Exploits
What are they, and are they useful?
Posted 2018-06-09 #blockchain

Hey we got ur thank you
Erin Quinlan: hey we got ur thank you card Full Decent: did you see on the back where i wrote I hate hannah? Erin Quinlan: nah lol Erin Quinlan: let me go see Erin Quinlan: no you didn’t Full Decent: madeya look
Posted 2006-07-07 #humor #my-life

Why FairTax is stupid
Below are some basic notes against the book The FairTax Book by Neal Boortz and John Linder.
Posted 2006-07-07 #government

Current notes patches diff kdesm
Current notes
Posted 2006-07-06 #my-life programming

I got ksmserver compiled
I got ksmserver compiled, thanks to a few changes by Lubos! And the advice here helped me get rid of my segfault.
Posted 2006-06-28 #my-life programming

Some notes about my Google SOC project
Here's some notes I'm made about my Google SOC project.
Posted 2006-06-23 #my-life

Collatz research
When I was looking into the Collatz conjecture, I ran into this sequence:
Posted 2006-06-14 #math

Google SoC
I have been accepted into the Google SOC program. I will be working on session management for KDE. If those words don’t mean anything to you, it is unfortunate because there will now be technical content in my blog.
Posted 2006-05-24 #coding

Is it OK to skip wearing your retainer for a few weeks?
Do you know what it’s like to wear a retainer after you haven’t worn it in a long time? It’s like putting a fist in your mouth.
Posted 2006-03-14 #my-life

The molecular origin of hunger
the hunger molecules are accumulating in my stomach
Posted 2006-02-20 #my-life

Whammy pod
Mom: Are you saying that your friends are staying in that apartment past senior year? Full Decent <AUTO-REPLY>: Will, If you come home this weekend, perhaps you could give me some advanced I Pod lessons. Like, how to turn it on. What it does. How to wear the earphones. I haven’t used this thing at all. Love, Mom Mom: Hey, how did you get my email into the IM. Manually, or some type of hacker trick that automatically converts emails to IMs? Full Decent: No, when you get something funny you want to tell everyone, you put it as your away message - then everyone can see it Mom: So, I’m a laughing stock. I see how it works now. Careful, or I’ll put your nude baby photos on my website. Full Decent: ulth Full Decent: you have a website? Mom: Ha! Ha! Ha! No, that was just a joke. I can’t even turn on the Ipod, remember?
Posted 2006-02-16 #my-life #humor

Includes spyware! Phones home on each use.
Posted 2005-12-15 #privacy

Standards of online etiquette
I have been told several times that I have the absolute worst etiquette online. Well you know what? If you don’t have to wear pants to use instant messenger, isn’t it quite obvious that any other formalities do not apply?
Posted 2005-12-15 #my-life

Riddle beakers
The AIM profile riddles are back! The old rankings are still in effect. The current riddle is:
Posted 2005-10-18 #my-life

Best language for illicit code
So public safety comes into my room last night while I’m sleeping with a fanfare of the head of public safety, head of network security and 10+ other people. One is standing by to turn off the circuit breaker, and they’re ready to seize my computer. So I sat with them in the living room to answer some questions. Here is the conversation between the network security guy (herein: NSG) and myself:
Posted 2005-03-05 #my-life

School is canceled
In the middle of the night, I learned about a mysterious and FAKE message canceling class for all Villanovans:
Posted 2004-09-19 #my-life

C++ STL set functions… and liquids that can write code
Are you badass with C++ STL? Then fix this…
Posted 2004-06-13 #coding

Bad phone sex (that used to be good)
Is it possible to ruin sex with a phone call, if the person who called you is the person you’re sleeping with?
Posted 2004-06-06 #my-life

The special ingredient for growing young trees
Kristin Quinlan: the tree to which you feed BEER was STOLEN from an ARBORETUM!? Kristin Quinlan: I legitimately purchased my tree, feed it water, and now it’s dying. Hmmmpppphhh.
Posted 2004-06-04 #my-life

10 weird things you can do on a couch
Ode to a couch
Posted 2004-06-04 #my-life

Riddle: answers to the coconut millionaire question
The last profile riddle:
Posted 2004-02-03 #riddles #my-life #funny