How to connect Roku to Xfinity Wi-Fi

By William Entriken

1 minutes

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When you login to Xfinity Wi-Fi with a computer you need to login with a browser.

Login to Xfinity Wi-Fi with account

But if you login from Roku there is no browser.

Roku has no browser

So to fix this you:

  1. Go to Roku > Settings > Information, then write down the MAC address

  2. Buy a Mac

  3. Open

     sudo bash
     ifconfig en ether
     ifconfig en ether ****TYPE IN THE WIRELESS MAC HERE****
  4. Close and reopen Wi-Fi and connect to xfinitywifi

  5. Login to Comcast

  6. Open Terminal

     ifconfig en ether ****TYPE IN YOUR OLD ETHER HERE****
  7. Use the Roku and get on xfinitywifi

  8. TV and chill

This is confirmed for the Roku 4K version.


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