RainbowMask, use random accounts to login to Web3

By William Entriken

2 minutes

Introducing RainbowMask, login to any Web3 website without making an account

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Some websites require you to login using your MetaMask account. This is a waste if you don’t about Ethereum and you just want to see what’s on that website.

Enter RainbowMask

It’s the same thing as MetaMask (it’s a fork). Except there are no accounts, no twelve-word setups and no phishing.

How does MetaMask work and how does RainbowMask work?

When a website you are visiting wants your money or want to validate who you are, it will ask you to connect to a Web3 wallet. Typically these websites are promoting MetaMask just because it is well-known.

MetaMask works by having you set up an account, and remember your secret seed phrase. And then any time the website wants to do something that requires your permission, you get a popup to authorize that.

Sometimes these login popups look the same as other popups which take away all your NFTs and money. So watch out for that!

And RainbowMask?

RainbowMask does all these same things as MetaMask. Except you don’t keep any money or NFTs in there.

And every time a website asks for your identity, RainbowMask makes up some bullshit answer and returns that.

And every time a website wants you to sign something or login, it says okay and it uses that bullshit identity to sign it.

And then when you reload the page or close it you get a new identity every time.

It’s basically like a middle finger to logging in on these websites.

Where to get it?

Click here https://twitter.com/fulldecent to get it.

This is another post in my serious of dumb product/business ideas. Rather than keeping this as a file in my Research/Dumb product-business ideas folder I just jumped right to the product announcement, which you see here.

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