My travel intentions

By William Entriken

2 minutes

I would love to be on the road all the time meeting the designers and builders that craft the future we all see coming. This future is accountable, transparent, respectful of customers and increasingly built on concepts brought up by blockchain and NFTs.

But I love spending time with my family more, so I won’t go to all those great events.

Then how to choose which ones to attend?

My confirmed travel plans are always posted at Hear about them first with RSS or email updates above.


I can have the biggest impact if I’m attending an event with industry people that are inspired by Web3, and need a workshop/speech/chat to decide their path forward.

It can be difficult to see between capable, resourced industry people that are likely to change the world versus opportunists/traders/afficionados that aren’t ready to commit on projects. And I want to work with all of you, learn from you and share what I know. But if I can choose I know my priorities.


Any advisory client can send me to events. I don’t need to think hard about this, we are already a team and I want you to succeed, you respect my time and we are going to change the world.

These are the best ways to have me as a part of your event, which can include speeches, workshops, panels, builder events/training, one-on-one reviews and more.

If this is your first event, great! The first event I personally ran was Chain 76 and I’ve ran keynotes on the first year for many new NFT events that are now successful recurring sensations. It’s been a blessing to be part of these and I’m so glad you are able to keep building these communities and connecting/informing everyone.


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