Monthly updates

By William Entriken

2 minutes

Part of my own new year’s plan was to set a professional mission (inspired by Musk’s “Die on Mars”) and organize my time to getting towards that. Here’s the mission:

This is quantifiable (“most” is > 50%) and I hope clear enough. Missing a deadline.

Verify seller claims & authenticity for most things you buy

Overall, this represents projects I am focused on: verifying halal/kosher food with QR codes. And then extending this religious focus on what food people eat into a fanatical verification of other things we buy. Getting into NFTs, I started by studying the pharmaceuticals industry and intellectual property licensing. There is a lot to improve there in terms of fraud and verifications.

Organizing my time, consulting with my wife, I will choose event appearances based on impact. Accept clients that align with this mission. And try to be more public/open with projects I am working on to have more impact. One result is the new NFT/Web3 Community Service Hour. As people reach out with questions about technology for the future, we guide them in this public forum to discuss. This helps me instead of replying to many detailed emails during the week. And it keeps me accountable for the one hour I promise everybody that I’ll be available.

✈️ Upcoming Speaking

I’ll be in Tallinn next week 2022-04-06 for NFT Tallinn. This is a great event and includes industry and government. Come by for my entry-level NFT + smart contract class and the main event.

In Philadelphia, I’ll present on enterprise blockchain 2022-04-19, how to layout infrastructure for your project. Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise.

Then New York, I’ll be at 2022-06-20. Always a good time, my speech topic is not selected yet, please share your ideas!

As always, you can see me on Tuesday nights (New York time) at the public Community Service Hour and the private Origins NFT Solidity Class ℹ️ For just next week, the class will be 16 hours earlier than the normal time.

Please lmk other events to check out.

📰 Coverage

Thank you to Drexel Magazine for inclusion in their annual 40 under 40 article

Also, a great interview with Pooja Ranjan covering technical standards of Ethereum

📌 Help wanted

My past Community Service Hour videos are posted at But I’d like help to splice them in a nice way for YouTube.

Also there is a project board of simple open source work you can join any time. Don’t be shy, jump right in.


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