Current notes patches diff kdesm

By William Entriken

3 minutes

Current notes

PATCHES: diff -rupd

MY HOME: svn+ssh://


There is no specific schedule yet for the remaining tasks.

Bonus tasks

How to run it

xhost +
su kde4
Xnest :1& sleep 5; DISPLAY=:1 xterm
xterm: startkde

[Seli] I suppose you'll need that for saving session snapshots that won't be followed by a logout
[fulld] oh, apps don't support that yet?
[Seli] but I think you won't need to do that right from the start … simply fix what shows up when it shows up
[Seli] you shouldn't spend the whole time just fixing bugs
[Seli] but there are two parts, saving and shutdown
[Seli] and many apps don't see a difference between the two
[Seli] so they do shutdown already while saving


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