Some notes about my Google SOC project

By William Entriken

2 minutes

Here's some notes I'm made about my Google SOC project.


I am UTC-4, Lubos is UTC+2 Meet 6a–12p EST, and maybe after 2pm


  1. find a version of kdelibs and kdebase that works

[Seli] 29.5.2006 was the day when dbus was merged in trunk, so before that trunk kdelibs_stable and kdebase should compile, if nothing else


Login as kde4 on a VT, run

(X :1 vt10 -terminate &); sleep 5; DISPLAY=:1 xterm

[Seli] that fires up another X with xterm and I run "startkde" from there (and configure ksmserver to ignore xterm in order to having one more each time)

About editing other apps to work

[Seli] I suppose you'll need that for saving session snapshots that won't be followed by a logout fulld< oh, apps don't support that yet? [Seli] but I think you won't need to do that right from the start … simply fix what shows up when it shows up [Seli] you shouldn't spend the whole time just fixing bugs [Seli] but there are two parts, saving and shutdown [Seli] and many apps don't see a difference between the two [Seli] so they do shutdown already while saving



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